Tuesday, 25 December 2012


lost. i am lost right now. stuck in this problem for around 8 months, and i have enough. i want to share this with him but.. i wish you were here bie....

i want somebody to soothe me, say something to me that gives me enough strength to keep fighting this on, keep encourage me from behind and by my side. how can things keep piles up day to day? can you see that i have enough on my plate right now?

i cant stop whining and sighing. i know i have to redha with ALLAH's ketentuan, but i cant say 'okay, enough. i did my best and now its up to ALLAH to decide what will come after this and i will take it.' since i dont know if i already did my best.

do you understand my feeling right now? lost. i dont know what to think, what to say, what to do. i just watching time passing around me and i do nothing. how can i say i already did my best and stop whatever thing i am doing right now?

Ya ALLAH, is this YOUR way to keep me on track, tell me that YOU still love me so YOU  keep teasing me..? i will accept it since i know YOU know what is best for me. please gives me enough strength and patience to endure this Ya ALLAH.


OH, OH my, OH MY!!! I went to BIG BANG'S CONCERT!!!! hahaha
sepa jeles baca post ni tutup mulut before teriak eh..... and jangan tegur kegemukan orang dalam gambar ni eh..

and oh my hush, its so so so crowded and fantastic! and i cant stop from screaming out of my lung and jumping and dancing and singing and mesmerized at the same time. can you imagine it?? TOP was there in front of my two big eyes and, oh my hush! how can somebody be seriously handsome and cute and charming at the same time? but my TOP did and he is seriously handsome.

they were seriously charming and fantastic, with the performances, songs, dances, and seriously seungri talked too too much. but i was speechless actually by seungri and the other members. how can they japanese become seriously good??? they dont even need any translator during the concert. can you imagine that???

and the performances, i cant explain it by words. guys, seriously. you have to experience it by yourself to know how i felt that night. spectacular. you can be addicted to them. and i plan to see them soon insya ALLAH.

with their come up dance guys type of songs like fantastic baby, bad boy, gara gara go  etc to a melo and unforgettable song such as lies,my heaven, blue and all, every single song was impressive, fantastic, breathtaking. i cant even blink cause i was afraid i lost any sight of them.

with single performance, GD and TOP sang high and crayon. oh my!! subhanallah. everyone seems cant stop screaming and singing and at the same time dancing and mesmerized by their energetic style. and with the lights, the B-light! the stadium became big bang's world and i cant imagine what they felt because me myself,  i was stunned! and i just a fan...

and the encore, seriously breathtaking. the fans sang verses of my heaven song in japanese.
会いたくて、you are my heaven..
seriously touching.with the B-light, the sad lyrics and slow song, can they stop from sing for us?  and because of this seriously die-hard fans hard job, we got 30 to 40 minutes encore. about 6 songs i think and i could still feel the same feeling i felt when the concert started. 

i hope i can go to their concert again with my bie one day.