Tuesday, 15 January 2013

it took me.....

somebody told me one untold sad story that i don't know gives any meaning to you but i know it has to me...

it took me 21 days since our last goodbye to hear his voice again saying 'hi, happy birthday...' 

it took me 6 days of endurance and  to mail him 'bz?'

it took him 87 minutes to read and answered 'Y'

it just took me 1 second to feel the word i want to say, 'cause i miss you..' 

but actually it took me 31 minutes for me to write 'don't know' 

waiting is something that needs too much things to sacrifice, but sometimes you may want your heart to answer the question that your brain asked. is it worth for all the sacrifices?

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

my precious present

ari ni serius sibuk. uwa.. went there here, waited over there and there for hours and all. hush... bz! i just hope this will bring me what i want for this year, amin.

i dont know if i can share but i want. hahaha gediks kan.. sabar jak la
when bie told me he won't be here on my birthday, i asked him to call me right away when he arrive. and guess what.? he did really called me, before he took his luggage. hahahaha..

bie, my feeling da rasa jadi 24 tahun sehari? i felt lost yesterday but you make my day today so i forgive you pasal kesinisan budak yang masih 23 ni...

Tuesday, 8 January 2013


alhamdulillah, hari ini berjalan dengan lancar. budak2 lab sambut birthday aku dengan kek di atas n lap blanket sebagai hadiah, n special present dari sacchan...  ありがとう!!!

Dila lipus wished me too. thank you darling...muah3..

and i got this song from Ain... sepa yang birthday ari ni jugak, i also want to give you this. hope you enjoy it..

this song is seriously cute. and if my future husband gives me this, i think i will love him too death that year. hahahaha
seriously, i will love him..

for all the wishers, thank you..

wish for this year...
1.may this year brings me one step forward to ALLAH or more steps
2. may me and family stay healthy and in ALLAH's watching
3. may i get scholarship for master
4. may i have my bie once for all... hahaha( yang ni gatal jak...)
5. may all my beloved stay happy and smile always..
6. may ALLAH give you my friends all the wishes you ask
7. ok yang ni last... YA ALLAH, hope my wishes for this year comes true.


bie, i still waiting for your wish and present...