Sunday, 4 December 2011


the wall of a relationship is as thin as our strand of hair
no matter what kind of material are you built it with
what kind of things you put inside is matters
whether is sweet as love or bitter as hate
it just the matter of time
and patient
as how much you can give to make it worth?
and as how much you can take to make a go?
the bottle of love is as clear as a fountain water
how much effort you had put in it can be seen 
as long as the eyes who watch is clear from hatred and jealousy
did you enjoyed the length of time you spend with?
did you put enough affection as you enjoyed in feeling it?
 do you really worth to own it?

it takes two to make a tango
its true
but it also needs some music and suitable environment to play it nice
so do love
true love needs everything it can hold to strengthen it
a true partner
a loyal friends
a supporting family
and you.

love becomes as sweet as your smile 
when it's have the trust you can give as much as you can take
the understanding you can share as much as the time you can have
when you bring the joy as much as you send the sorrow away