Friday, 28 November 2014

in this hectic day for mind and body..,

until you step up to the plate and swing, you're just pretending to play the game... 

thats true. totally.. people tends to think first the worst senario before do something to prepare him/herself for what will happen while conducting something. 

its a good thing. thats human kind of protective manner. but! but if we think too much of it, it may give your strength a weak booster and finally may let your brain to let yourself to not doing it. give it up before you even try to feel it. 

stand up. trust youself. your mental and physical will give you response if they think tou cant handle it. but until then, enjoy new things, give your body and soul extra happy thing to consume.. 

p/s; this is for myself since i have this poster conference next week and i will go there alone. from the lab to the venue and presentation..
may Allah protect and guide and give me enough courage.. prat for me ok.. 

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

loNeLy m1o...

mooning about something that out of your reach is pathetic. seriously.

but each time i look at you, my heart ache, my brain split, i do hoping for something i cant have. ever. 

i cant stop it. since dreaming about you is the simplest thing i do to help me sleep  and forget the nasty thing that happen now. 

haih, maybe its time for me to change screen saver..