Saturday, 9 January 2016


be 27. 

what's change? 
nothing. just me myself had come to one understanding on how unclear roads i've chose, how muddy and uneven it is.. 

n how sensitive i've been as a person. with everything. 

n how a wreck i am inside. just how my heart beats lost its rhyme just in one second and how my emotion turns from happy smiley to my heart content to sad until i cant hold my tears in one beat. 

n how hyprocite, multiple face n a liar i've become. not to anyone but myself. push unhappy but reality things somewhere and fill my heart with unfinished cinderella dreams, just so i can endure all this.

with all the mantra.
its okay, everythings fine. 
i'm fine, there's nothing wrong. 
oh, i know there's possibility it'll come to this, i can handle this. 
i can do this tomorrow. 
lets do one thing at one time, ok..
think bout this later. 
one step at a time. 
smile, be happy.
u can do this alone.
its ur choice, be responsible. 
problems are meant to be solved, thats okay. 
there's someone that more unlucky than u are. 
dont compare u n another. 
look at nothing but yourself, just you. 
things will get better soon. 


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